Diwa e-Textbooks

Provides a holistic growth for pre-school, grade school, and high school students covering all the core subjects, namely Science, Mathematics, English, and Filipino, as well as MAKABAYAN (Social Studies and Technology and Livelihood Education). Diwa Textbooks are developed by subject area specialists and practitioners from the country's leading educational institutions. Also available in printed format.

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Diwa e-Magazines

Bato Balani is the country’s first ever science and technology magazine for high school. It contains features that tackle a wide range of topics, including relevant inventions to the modern world and facts that debunk erroneous science concepts. Developing scientific literacy, curiosity and inventive thinking are made more fun because of Bato Balani. Salaguinto, the country’s pioneering science and technology magazine for grade school students, has been consistent in providing up-to-date news, articles, and activities designed to help develop a student’s creativity, inventiveness and ability to retain lessons. The magazine becomes even more relevant today as it develops 21st century skills in students. Also, available in printed format.

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