The Genyo Teacher Training Program

What makes Genyo such a successful and unique Learning Management System is its Teacher Training Program. We believe that teachers are the main drivers for the success of this program. To maximize the full potential of Genyo, we at DigiLearn Multimedia ensure that the teachers and parent-teachers are guided every step of the way. Our Teacher Training Program follows a wide-ranging and effective training curriculum, and is conducted by our team of experts at DigiLearn Multimedia, the e-Learning Specialists.

Makati Pilot Schools Teacher Training

 A series of teacher trainings have been conducted in the three Makati Pilot Schools during the week of 24-27 July 2013. Jose Magsaysay Elementary School, Makati Elementary School and Makati High School are the first public schools in the Philippines to experience the many benefits of the Genyo eLearning System.

Teachers and principals actively participated in the Teacher Training conducted by the DigiLearn team. The four-day event was filled with fun games, activities, and hands-on training so teachers will be able to utilize Genyo. They were taught how to build lesson packages, create interactive activities and games, create announcements, update the calendar, and all the other things they can do in Genyo.

TMA Teacher Training

TMA Homeschool, one of DigiLearn’s partners also benefitted from Genyo’s comprehensive teacher training. Parent-teachers and academic consultants got hands-on training from the e-Learning Specialists. Managing the three different accounts (student, teacher, and administrator) were taught to them, so that the next time that they are discussing a lesson, they would be able to be on top of it—while bonding and having fun with their kids.

On top of the training, Learning Integration Specialists (LIS) are assigned to TMA Homeschool who immediately give feedback to students, parent-teachers, and academic consultants on any concern that they may have when using the Genyo portal. This is the ultimate eLearning package for the competitive 21st century environment.