Homeschooling: It’s more fun with Genyo e-Learning

Parents these days are becoming more and more aware of the options at their disposal when it comes to the education of their children. For those who choose to educate their loved ones from the comforts of their homes, innovations are being made readily available to facilitate their dual roles as parent and teacher.

The homeschooling movement in the Philippines is steadily gaining steam, and at the forefront is The Master’s Academy Homeschool (TMA). According to TMA President Edric Mendoza, the TMA Homeschool is fully accredited by the Department of Education and the Walkersville Christian Family Schools in the United States.

TMA Homeschool has partnered with DigiLearn Multimedia Corp. to provide parents with Genyo Online. Genyo Online grants teacher-parents and their kids the freedom to engage in an active lifestyle while meeting the requirements of their curriculum.  It is perfect for active homeschoolers, as they can technically take their studies with them along field trips or other activities.

“I remember asking my children last year, ‘Do you want Mommy and Daddy to send you to a conventional school?’ To which they immediately responded, “No!” I then had a quick flashback of all the experiences we have shared as a family so far –fun vacations we had, outreach activities we have done for our church, violin performances and taekwondo competitions.” Mendoza said.

Because of its availability and ease of use, Genyo Online grants parents the flexibility to teach their kids anytime and anywhere. 

“Just as in many other technological innovations, the e-learning feature helps add convenience to the homeschool lifestyle. They can, for example, access the learning materials anywhere there is an internet connection—at lolo and lola’s house, in a resort or other vacation venue– without having to lug along all the physical textbooks.”

Genyo is an interactive learning platform whose features make it a veritable repository of knowledge in itself. With its array of quizzes, games, tutorials and lessons, Genyo is an indispensable tool not just for students but teachers as well.