Makati adopts Genyo with DigiLearn

The teachers and students of Makati’s public schools are enjoying the benefits of integrating information technology with education in preparing their students for their future. Makati’s local government has tapped Digilearn, an I.T. company dedicated to providing underserved markets with learning and school management solutions, to supply its public schools with the Genyo e-Learning Program. The software is a  tried and tested learning management system from Singapore, which contains rich interactive multimedia content on the five core subjects, including Chinese. 


DepEd Makati Superintendent Dr. Dominico Idanan, praised the effectiveness and efficiency of the e-Learning management software after a successful pilot program with Makati High School, Makati Elementary School, and Jose Magsaysay Elementary School last year. A year after, Genyo is implemented in all 37 public schools of Makati. This big leap makes Makati the first and only city currently using the Genyo system.


The transition to using Genyo was smooth as Digilearn made sure that all schools were thoroughly prepared for the switch to digital learning. They held comprehensive teacher training programs in order to equip public school teachers with the knowledge needed to operate and maximize the online learning management software.


Teachers were especially pleased to find that the program has made it easier for them to manage their classes and lesson plans. Aside from providing teachers with learning content, the system also assists teachers with monitoring their students’ academic performance and organizing their own lesson plans. “The software is user-friendly and complete with desired features accessible to both the teacher and student,” says Felix Bunganan, a 4th year Science teacher from Makati High School.

Students, on the other hand, were very happy with their new study buddy. Genyo’s multimedia and interactive content has made it more fun and easy for kids to learn and study their lessons. Reason Corpuz, a Grade 4 student from Makati Elementary School happily said “Maganda talaga ito. Nakapaglaro ka na, natuto ka pa at pwede pa talagang ikaw ay makapag-aral. (This is great. You play games while learning and you can study, too.)”


Not only is Makati City at the forefront of innovative teaching technologies and 21st century education, the city is also one step closer to fully preparing its youth for the real world ahead.